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About Suncoast Reader

Suncoast Reader is my reviewer name and I live on the Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane, Australia.

I have been an avid reader for many years and hope to share my love of reading with you via my blog of book reviews.

An author friend of mine, talented self-published author Steve Gannon, put my feelings about reading into some memorable words:

"When you read, there are no limits; with a book you can bring vistas and textures and emotions to life that have a meaning to you and you alone"

Great news: From September 2014 my wife, posting under the pen name of Ikebana will also be posting on this blog. This will give this site a wider selection of women's fiction, romances and historical fiction. Her reviews will be marked with her flower arrangement icon.

For many years I scoured bookshops for new releases and second-hand book exchanges for earlier releases by my favourite authors. Then in in mid 2011 my reading world changed dramatically when I discovered the joys of electronic book reading via the Amazon Kindle where I could take my library with me wherever I went.

Since then there have been no more crammed bookshelves,  more reasonable prices, new releases on  pre-order, some older series books at lower prices, and a host of short-life discounts for authors and genres I had never read. I also entered a new world of self-published work available for a few dollars each or even free for a couple of days. With care I have discovered some wonderful new authors.

I have been reviewing books on Amazon for a couple of years, slowly moving up their reviewer rankings and  in early 2013 got my "Top 1,000 Reviewer" badge and incredibly in May 2013 became a "Top 500 Reviewer". There are so many reviewers, and many of them review a wide range of products, from CD's to Aspirins, so I am proud of my achievement. My greatest wish would be for Amazon to release a ranking just for books, so that there is a level playing field.

I have set up my book review blog to extend the audience for my reviews. Most of my reviews are also found on Amazon but are much easier to access on this blog. Also I don't have to meet Amazon's content restrictions so you will find that some of my reviews have more explicit content and are longer than those on Amazon.

Please browse my reviews, enjoy, comment on them and especially tell your friends about them. If you follow my reviews on Amazon a helpful click here and there will help to keep me ahead of the opposition.

I am still loading up my Amazon reviews so come back soon to see more.