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12 November 2017

Stephen Coonts" Liberty's Last Stand

Appalling right-wing conspiracy nonsense
I have been a fan of Stephen Coonts for a long time, but no longer.

This is US right-wing conspiracy rubbish disguised as a popular thriller. It features a black left-wing President who uses terrorist actions to justify declaring martial law, dismiss Congress, squash dissent, and imprison political opponents. The implication that the President could be Obama is so clear, disturbing and untrue. The possibility that the story could be rewritten with the current President in mind is much more feasible.

I understand that Coonts changed his publisher to one who favours his extreme right-wing views. This is not surprising.

After this, I will definitely not be reading any more of his books, especially his latest one about election rigging which will certainly contain the same kind of right-wing rubbish and fake news that a section of the American public seems to lap up. I am so happy that I live in Australia where, despite our politics being boring, extreme right-wing views are not tolerated by the general community.

This is a first for me - no stars.

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