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04 November 2017

Michael Connelly: Two Kinds of Truth

Connelly is still at the top of his game
This is #20 in Connelly's best-selling Harry Bosch series and while Harry is getting older this story is as good and young as any of the previous ones.

Bosch has retired from LAPD but needs to keep active and is working as an unpaid part-time detective in the town of San Fernando near Los Angeles. They don't have many murders and it is a major event for the small police force when father and son pharmacists are assassinated by two hooded gunmen.

It soon becomes clear that the father has illegally been dispensing oxycodone prescribed by bent doctors. A gang is bussing homeless addicts between the doctors and "friendly" pharmacists to get large supplies of these pills that are both valuable in their own right and also mixed with other drugs.

In the middle of the drug murder investigation, Bosch learns that LAPD internal affairs believe that over 20 years ago he planted evidence in a rape/murder case that led to a death penalty. The person is still on death row and his lawyers have found DNA evidence that shows that it comes from a convicted rapist who is now deceased.

Harry quickly gets help from his half-brother Mickey Haller to find out why his lifetime career is on the line. At the same time, he gets recruited by DEA to chase down the gang responsible for the murders and organised prescription drug abuse.

Connelly interweaves these plots masterfully with Bosch facing up to the almost impossible task of finding the truth of two completely different challenges.

Once again Michael Connelly has shown why he is the world's best and most popular crime writer.

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