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12 November 2017

Lee Child: Midnight Line

Yet another Jack Reacher.....
Another year has passed so here is another Jack Reacher adventure by Lee Child. Each time we wonder what Child has done to keep this long-running series alive. This time he has done very little except write another post-military situation where Reacher finds or puts himself in the middle of another strange dangerous situation.

When Reacher takes a stroll through a small Wisconsin town he visits as part of his life of unplanned wandering he sees a West Point ring in a pawn shop window. The ring is tiny, a woman's ring, from 2005 with engraved initials inside. Reacher was an earlier West Point graduate and knows the importance of such a ring to the person who had gone through so much to graduate. So Reacher being Reacher he sets out to find out what has happened to the owner.

This leads him to a tour of the mid-west, especially Wyoming with lengthy descriptions of the environment that would fit well into a tourist brochure. It also leads him into the dark world of Oxycodone addiction - an opioid developed by the drug companies as a wonder drug for severe pain which unfortunately is easy to become very addicted. With addiction comes the black market and drug dealers....

Reacher meets up with the normal crop of baddies and goodies that feature in his adventures - the bikies, drug peddlers, cops and an investigator and family member also trying to find the owner of a major drug ring.

This is just another Jack Reacher adventure following familiar plots and themes. One interesting thing is that Reacher is described by one of the baddies as "Bigfoot" a mythical giant from the north-west woods. Is Child trying to distance the real Reacher from the screen Reacher starring midget Tom Cruise.

All in all yet another well written but somewhat repetitively plotted Reacher adventure.

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