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13 December 2015

Steve Robinson: In the Blood (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery)

An unusual Genealogical Mystery
Jefferson Tayte is a genealogical consultant who tracks down family trees and solves long-lost family secrets. In this book, he is hired to track down the descendants of a family who left Boston for England at the end of the American War of Independence. This should have been fairly straightforward, but Tate finds some disturbing discrepancies at around the time the family gets to Cornwall.

Despite his fear of flying, he is persuaded by his client to travel to England to find out more on the spot in Cornwall. He is immediately immersed in unexpected happenings, including murders and attacks from unknown assailants. The family secrets have disturbed some very unsavoury people.

The idea of a mystery based around trying to discover 200-year-old family history secrets is a novel one which was the start of a successful series of books featuring Jefferson Tayte. I found this book pretty vanilla and the character of Jefferson Tayte not very compelling. This may be because I listened to this as an audiobook and the narrator didn't really bring the book to life for me.

I have the other books in the series in my library which I picked up as daily deals but it may take some time before I read another one.

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