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13 December 2015

Michael Connelly: City of Bones

An early Harry Bosch thriller
In preparation for reading Micheal Connelly's latest Harry Bosch book THE CROSSING - #16 in the series -  I took the opportunity to read this book (#8) which I had missed several years ago. I am glad I did because it reminded me of some of his past with LAPD but also reminded me that Harry Bosch, the detective, really hasn't changed much over the years.

This time, Bosch gets involved in investigating some bones found in a shallow grave. The victim is a young boy, killed about 25 years ago, who appears to have been subject to extensive physical abuse. The discovery gets a lot of press attention and it soon becomes clear that there is a serious information leak from police or other sources connected to the case which has tragic results.

This is classic Bosch as he finds things that others would overlook. It is also classic Bosch because he doesn't follow normal procedures in his key investigations and is in constant conflict with his superiors, especially when they think they have found a suspect.

I was glad that I read this book as it highlighted the talent of America's top crime thriller author who is still at the top of his game in his latest book in the series.

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