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13 December 2015

Mark Greaney: Back Blast

Is this the best or the worst CIA thriller I have read?
This could be both the best and the worst CIA thriller you have read - the choice depends on whether you like your action to be basically believable or totally unbelievable.

Court Gentry is probably the best covert agent that the CIA has ever had. Then one day he changed from being the hunter to being the hunted, with all of his buddies sent out by their CIA leader to kill him because of something he had done. The problem is that nobody has told Gentry what he has done wrong.

In previous books in this series, Gentry has avoided death by killing all of his old buddies. To clear his name, he must return to the US to find out the truth. Within hours of smuggling himself into the country, he is involved in a huge shootout at a drug dealer's house and left on the run from the CIA and an unexpected group of other assassins.

If you like your CIA action thrillers to be fast-moving, adrenaline pumping, with the "hero" doing impossible things then you will love this book as Greany is a master of this kind of action. If you don't have any problems with unbelievable corruption at top levels in the CIA then you will also love this book. If you are of this opinion you might give this book 5 stars.

If you like to have some semblance of believability in this kind of story then it will definitely not be to your taste. I am of this opinion and I do admit to laughing out loud many times at the many unbelievable and nonsensible parts of this book. Because of this I rated it as one of the worst, if not the worst, CIA thriller I have read (and I have read a lot of them) and could only give it 2 stars.

My thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for an advanced copy of this book for review.

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