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26 December 2015

Brett Battles: The Silenced: A Novel (A Jonathan Quinn Novel Book 4)

Family ties get involved in the "cleaning" business
Jonathan Quinn is a fascinating fictional character who runs a "cleaning" business - but he is not your normal cleaner. He contracts to "clean" away dead bodies, sometimes making them disappear and sometimes leaving them to be found in what appears to be accidental circumstances. Of course, he is always equipped for cleaning up a murder scene and well equipped to deal with dangerous situations.

This time, things are a little different because the job he is contracted to do impacts on his family - the family that he abandoned long ago. He has just lost his father (who he hated) and at the funeral while his mother is loving, his sister, Liz, still despises him because he left home without an apparent reason. Of course, the family have no idea what Quinn does for a living. You may also start to get a bit confused with Quinn's real name, Jake Oliver which he changed a long time ago.

When Quinn is "cleaning" on a contract for a man called David Wills, at the scene Quinn spots another team who turn out to be Russian. They have a very different agenda as they are tracking down someone they call "The Ghost" who has been killing off all of the people who are in an old photo with "The Ghost". Then another brutal team comes into the action and threatens to kidnap Quinn's mother (in Minnesota) and his sister (in Paris) to stop his pursuit of  "The Ghost".

Quinn arranges protection for his mother but protecting a sister who hates him is much harder. In the process of finding and defeating "The Ghost" and his team, Quinn must also protect the family he abandoned so long ago, which he still loves.

This is a convoluted and clever plot bringing together Quinn's current life with his former one. It is a great action-packed page-turning adventure that should be enjoyed not only by anyone who has read any earlier books in the series but also by newcomers because Battles has seamlessly included a great back-story.

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