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21 November 2015

Karin Slaughter: Pretty Girls

Graphic and unnecessary violence to "Pretty Girls"
Last year I read and really enjoyed Karin Slaughter's COP TOWN. This year I only partly read PRETTY GIRLS  because it was far too gruesome, with graphic descriptions of torture, beheading, necrophilia and so many inventive and gruesome ways of abusing females.

I found the first half of the book well written and plotted but as soon as Slaughter (appropriate surname) focussed graphically on the activity of a serial killer of pretty girls I started to feel sick. Most of this was totally unnecessary to tell an appalling story of a psychopath who had been operating for many years.

I didn't finish the book, and I rarely make such a decision. I asked myself if in reading this book I was contributing to putting such ideas of violence into the minds of unstable males.

Many best-selling thriller authors go out of their way to make their thrillers more thrilling by making the plot unbelievable. Slaughter has gone totally over the top with a plot charged with graphic and nauseous violence against women. She may be a good thriller writer (as COP TOWN showed) but after this book she is no longer on my read list.

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