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03 November 2015

Chris Carter: I am Death

Well written but utterly gruesome serial killer thriller
Chirs Carter is well known for his popular series about Robert Hunter head of the Homicide Special Section of the LAPD which investigates serial, high profile murders. This is probably one of his best books in the series, but be warned much of the content is utterly gruesome.

This time Hunter and his partner are faced with a killer who signs his name, in the blood of the victim - I AM DEATH. The killer is an extremely intelligent psychopath who changes his MO for each murder and taunts Hunter to find out who he is. His victims are all beautiful young women who he tortures and sometimes sexually assaults extensively before killing them. Fortunately, the author mainly describes the aftermath of these brutal tortures and not the actual tortures.

This is one of the most chilling  and revolting books I have read. It was only because of the author's skill that I kept reading the book to the surprising end.

My thanks to Simon & Schuster for a copy of this book for review.

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