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21 October 2015

Melissa F Miller: Informed Consent

Twins and a twin storyline
This is the first Sasha MacIndless story since the birth of her twins, Finn and Fiona. She has just started work again two months after the birth leaving Leo as househusband caring for the twins. Fortunately, his job isn't demanding at the moment. He is great around the house and delivers the twins to Sasha's office at feeding time.

Sasha finds herself involved in a pretty unbelievable story where a medical researcher trying to find a cure for dementia is harvesting brain tissue from people in her testing program when they die without their "informed consent". The researcher is involved with a shady and dangerous equity capital group that are funding her research.

For years, Leo has been looking for his Vietnamese father who he has never met. One day, out of the blue, a messenger calls telling him that there is a man in Maine who has information about his father. When Leo meets him he is faced with one of the most difficult personal decisions he has ever had to make. The conclusion was emotional and unexpected.

I felt that this book was lacking some of the easy going sparkles of Sasha's previous adventures. Maybe the sparkles will come back when the twins are toddlers - but then Leo may be looking after more babies....

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