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09 October 2015

J D Robb: Concealed in Death (In Death, Book 38)

This series is so boring
A while ago I read a few of the early books in this futuristic police/crime series written in the mid-1990's. While the future setting was too based on fantasy for my liking I enjoyed the character development and relationship of Lt Eve Dallas and Roark, and the support characters of Peabody and Mavis.

Since then this popular series has rolled out a couple of new books a year (how can J D Robb aka Nora Roberts keep up this output as well as releasing new Nora Roberts books) so I wondered what the newer books are like. This is #38 in the series released in 2104. My verdict is that the series must have run out of steam a long time ago as this one was so boring and silly.

Roark has just bought a run-down disused building and plans to convert it into low-cost housing. In the course of ripping out the old walls the builders discover skeletal remains of 12 young girls wrapped in plastic and hidden behind false dry-walls. Eve has the task of finding out who they are, how they were killed and who did it.

There follows an uninspiring police investigation with very little sparkle. The relationship between Eve and Roark is still close but has also lost its sparkle. I doubt that I will be tempted to read any more in this series.

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