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03 October 2015

Anthony Horowitz: Trigger Mortis

James Bond deja-vu
This is yet another James Bond adventure written by a well known contemporary thriller writer years after the death of Ian Fleming. The main difference with this version is that Anthony Horowitz has used some ideas that Fleming left for a TV series for one of the sub-plots.

Bond is once again involved with SMERSH who want to take down a famous racing driver who is competing with Russian attempts to take over the world of international motor racing. We see Bond learning to become a racing driver of a Maserati at Nürburgring to prevent a major accident. There he meets wealthy and dangerous Korean, Jason Sin who has teamed up with SMERSH to sabotage the flight of one of NASA's space rockets with possible disastrous consequences for the US.

Of course there are Bond girls, first Pussy Galore, who we find really prefers women, and Jeopardy Lane, "a girl like no other Bond has encountered".

While Horowitz writes well and closely follows the James Bond themes IMHO the book really was a bit of deja-vu and outmoded. The art of fantasy thrillers has come a long way since the days of James Bond and I don't think it really deserves to be revisited so many times. In saying that I do admit that I am bored out of my mind with the continual rejuvenation of Bond in major movies, almost in a Dr Who mode.

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