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18 September 2015

Lee Child: Small Wars

A great short dose of Reacher at his peak
This is one of the best e-singles that I have read. Many authors write a poor short story as a promo for their next book which is invariably better. In this case the short story is great but the next book (Make Me) was a bit of a disappointment.

In this short story Child takes us back to the days of Major Jack Reacher MP at the peak of his investigatory powers. By chance Reacher has to fill in for someone else and is asked to look into the murder of a female Colonel on a remote forest road in Georgia. What makes the situation interesting is that the Colonel used to be with the elite War Plans area of the Pentagon. She seems to be on a fast track to higher rank, apparently wealthy because she drives a Porsche sports car. She was shot professional assassination style - two shots in the chest and one in the head.

This is Reacher at his best as he quickly works out a possible scenario and killer. A couple of phone calls to his brother Joe, also a Colonel at the Pentagon, tells him more about the victim's background and possible motives.

It was great to see Lee Child at his best writing a very good short story. IMHO the Reacher series is starting to run out of steam and Make Me was pretty repetitious with a similar plot and formula to many other books in the series.

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