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19 September 2015

Joel Goldman & Lisa Klink: All In

A great high-stakes romp
Cassie Ireland and Jake Carter have the same objective but totally different reasons to take down Alan Kendrick, an unscrupulous billionaire hedge fund manager. Cassie is a bit of a modern-day Robyn Hood recovering assets from people who think they are above the law. Carter is a high-rolling gambler who travels the world trying to win fortunes off mega-rich but less skillful gamblers.

Cassie plans to be a cat-burglar and overcome Kendrick's extreme security system using information obtained by befriending his disenchanted wife. Carter has got to know Kendrick around the poker table, winning some and losing some and is patiently waiting for the opportunity to pounce and use his skills take him out for megabucks.

Cassie and Jake just happen to live in the same exclusive apartment block where Kendrick owns the penthouse. Things fizzle when they meet but they don't spark because it would spoil their individual plays with Kendrick. Cassie gets in first and the feathers start to fly and Kendrick plans his revenge.

While waiting for the big coup with Kendrick, Jake defeats and humiliates Theo Kalogrides, another mega-rich gambler who is "blessed with his father's money but none of his brains or charm". Theo accuses Jake of cheating. While this is a normal risk for Jake the loser is a dangerous man, verging on the psychotic, who will not give in until he recovers the money he has lost.

This is a fast moving romp through the world of the megarich and international poker on the high seas with the strange pair working together and against one another to protect their lives.

Joel Goldman & Lisa Klink have collaborated seamlessly in producing a fast paced, easily readible escapist thriller. Well done - highly recommended to those looking for something fairly light,  different and enjoyable. 4.5 stars.

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