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19 July 2015

Melissa F Miller: A Mingled Yarn: A Sasha McCandless Novella Book 7.5

Always expect the unexpected with Sasha
This is a short novella for followers of Sasha McCandless and Leo Connelly as a bridge between her many adventures as a legal trouble magnet. In her last novella Melissa F Miller covered their marriage, an very eventful affair. This time she covers the last days of Sasha's pregnancy, so what could go wrong there?

Sasha is a little cranky at her size and the effect on her very small body - someone even suggests that her shoe size will increase after the birth and make her vast wardrobe of stilettos (a necessary thing for such a small woman) useless. Connelly is becoming increasingly anxious for her safety and tries to get her OK to bring a handgun into the new house to protect her. Sasha is at a very intense stage and when she believes that she may be in danger again even calls on her Krav Maga self defence trainer to allow her to practice her skills, even in her very pregnant state.

The last thing that Sasha believes is that her life will change irrevocably when the birth is over - of course Sasha is in for big surprises.

What I really like about this novella is that it isn't too closely packaged with promotions for the next full book. This is a short, simple and interesting interlude to bring readers who have read earlier books up to date on another milestone in Sasha's life. It is not a starting point for the series.

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