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13 July 2015

Honey Brown: Six Degrees

Six degrees of sexual desire
This is a big change of direction for Honey Brown who usually writes perceptive and exciting psychological thrillers. It is a collection of six loosely interconnected stories about the impact of sexual attraction in everyday life. While some of the scenes are somewhat sexually explicit the stories are a world apart from the FSOG type of erotic nonsense that is so popular these days.

Each of the six short stories has a theme and the major players have some form of connection to make the collection of stories bind together:

~ Threesome - an unusual threesome brings together a long-standing twosome.
~ Two women - an exploration of a brief sapphic encounter.
~ Older - a fishing adventure with an older man.
~Younger - a short fantasy with a younger man before reality kicks in.
~ Two men - a quick loving connection between two men.
~ First time - the last connection is a first connection.

Honey Brown has written six  loosely connected stories that explore human relations through sexual attraction. This is top quality writing with meaning which shows how everyday life may be affected by such attraction. It is serious stuff, not erotica - I have read more explicit and steamy scenes in Nora Roberts bestsellers.

These stories showcase Honey Brown's excellent writing abilities. While I applaud this change of direction I hope it is not a long term thing and look forward to reading more of her excellent psychological thrillers.

My thanks to The Reading Room and Ventura Press for a copy of this book for review.

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