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09 June 2015

Russell Blake: Ramsey's Gold

Indiana Jones - meet Drake Ramsey
Russell Blake has shown us his amazing versatility by writing this page-turning action adventure, mostly set in the Amazon jungles. It has a bit of an Indiana Jones theme with Drake Ramsey chasing a his father's dream of finding an immense golden treasure of the Inca empire which legend says is hidden in the lost Inca city of Paititi deep in the Amazon Jungle.

While chasing his dream Drake's father vanished in the Amazon jungle when Drake was young. Drake is reminded of this when an unknown Aunt leaves him his father's journal with clues to the location of the lost city and enough money to help him try complete his father's mission.

Drake sets out with his father's friend Jack and beautiful daughter Allie to find Paititi. Russell Blake's imagination runs riot, taking Drake and his companions into the dangers lurking in the impenetrable jungle. He also brings in other dangers with the CIA and the Russians both seeking the lost city for a prize different to the golden treasure.

Well done Russell Blake. You have taken us away for the moment from the Jets and Assassins of his world to enter the fantasy action-packed world of the treasure seeker. I am sure that his many fans will want to follow him into this quite different but just as exciting world.

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