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16 June 2015

J D Robb: Conspiracy in Death

Improving sexy futuristic police/crime fantasy
Needing a break from more serious thrillers I broke my resolution to avoid further books in this mostly pretty silly but sexy futuristic police/crime fantasy.

I have read enough of this series to block out the ridiculous near future setting with droids, interplanetary travel but continued social strife and appalling welfare. To enjoy this series you need to focus on the two main characters, Eve Dallas, a totally committed NYPD police lieutenant working among the dregs of society, and her unlikely husband Rourke, a billionaire who can live the life of dreams anywhere in the world or on nearby planets and satellites. One of the key elements that draws and keeps them together in their sexy, feisty and unbelievable relationship is their mutual background of poverty, abuse and struggle to succeed.

The story is, as usual, pretty kooky. Some people with top surgical skills are removing key organs from people in the dregs of society, as carefully as it would have happened in a top hospital. At the same time Eve has to face up to events that might eventually end her police career.

This book was a step up from the others because it shows a vulnerability in Eve when she is confronted with the possible loss of her career. Again it shows Rourke's support and love for his unlikely wife but this time her reliance and love for her man show through. Of course the book is scattered with passionate, often clothes ripping interludes between the main characters that must be one of the main attractions of such a strange series.

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