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13 June 2015

Greig Beck:Beneath the Dark Ice (Alex Hunter Book 1)

So funny!
My sub-title: Matthew Reilly meets the Monsters from the Deep.

I normally read thrillers and historical sagas but am trying to widen my reading experience by trying other genres. This book is basically an action fantasy/sci-fi thriller so I thought I would give it a go, especially in audiobook format which I find is an easier way to enjoy different styles of books.

This book was meant to be serious but I found it so funny because so many ludicrous things happen. Here are a few ingredients to whet your appetite:

~ Alex Hunter, a Special Services Officer, has developed extraordinary strengths and sensory abilities after a bullet (from a Russian assassin) lodged in his head and opened up unused parts of his brain to make him a superman.

~ A plane flying over the Antarctic mysteriously loses power in both engines and crashes through the ice into a huge mysterious cavern beneath the ice. A rescue mission disappears completely after it enters the cavern.

~ Another rescue mission of American scientists (there might be oil down there!) with a squad of top Special Services operatives for security, discover that there are archaic giant life forms living in vast underground lakes in the caverns/caves under the ice. Giant orthopods enjoy a diet of humans and their monster tentacles can grab and devour a human in seconds. They have a single eye as big as a car, a rigid shell that they can shuck, and the ability to show images of their prior victims to lure new victims.

~ The Russians have also send a squad of assassins to make sure that the Americans can't claim any oil under the ice. One of the assassins wants to finish the task of killing Alex.

There is so much more, especially many other incredible bloodthirsty life forms that can attack at any time. If it had been a real book I probably wouldn't have made it through to the end but I am glad that I did because the end of the Epilogue had me ROTFLMAO.

I praise Greig Beck for his amazing imagination which kept me amused for many hours narration during my morning walks. Regular walkers kept asking me for progress as I passed them by laughing out loud at another incredible happening.

I praise Sean Mangan for his excellent deadpan narration that made the book so much more enjoyable and amusing for me.

It is very hard to rate this book. I would give it one star for content but have opted for three stars because it was well written and gave me so much amusement (and there must be people out there that enjoy this kind of nonsense).

I see that there are at least 5 books in the Alex Hunter series. Unless I am really desperate for some comic relief I doubt that I will read any of them.

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