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15 May 2015

Steve Martini: The Enemy Inside

A legal thriller with political and financial conspiracies

Steve Martini has pulled out all stops to make this legal thriller #13 in the Paul Madriani series into a comprehensive legal thriller with a background of  political and financial conspiracies, woven around an up-to-the-moment environment of electronic manipulation.

Alex Ives goes to a party and wakes up in his car 50 miles away after a fatal high speed crash. He has no recollection of leaving the party and his blood alcohol level is minor. The driver of the other car who was incinerated after the crash is Olinda Serna a Washington lawyer with powerful friends and financial connections.

When Alex is accused of homicide he asks Madriani for help in defending him in court. It is soon clear to Madriani that the crash may been staged and that Alex is in danger because he should have also been killed in the crash. He sets out to uncover everything he can about Serna and her clients - a search that leads to a path of political and financial corruption, both in Washington and overseas, and shadowy people with worldwide connections who will murder to maintain their power.

This is not your run-of-the-mill legal thriller - it has a bit of everything to keep you on the edge of your seat. A lot of what you read is beyond the bounds of believability but is very entertaining and if you like this kind of escapism you will enjoy this book. This is another case where a best-selling author has gone to great lengths with a new plot to keep a long running series alive. I see seeds of international espionage and powerplay in the plot that suggest that this is only the beginning of a longer story and despite his successes Paul Madriani and his small legal firm will continue to be accidentally involved in things beyond their control.

My thanks to The Reading Room and the publisher for an advance copy of this book for review.

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