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18 May 2015

Pamela Hart: The Soldier's Wife

Excellent emotional story about the impacts of WWI

The Soldier's Wife is Ruby, left behind in Australia when her new husband Jimmy goes off to war. Ruby moves from the bush to Sydney and finds work while she waits for Jimmy to return from Gallipoli. The story is also about Jimmy's return and how the couple cope with their love after his stressful experiences at the battlefront.

This is not only a story about war, it is also a story about the struggle of a recently married couple to keep their love and face the future after the war. Hart's descriptions of Sydney and the ways and social structure at that time makes the story even more vivid.

I have read several good books recently based on WWI but this one was outstanding.  The book was so absorbing and readable that I would give it 6 stars if I could. Very highly recommended.

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