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30 May 2015

Andrew Gross: Everything To Lose

A mixed up thriller
The main theme of this book is "that every life is the story of a single mistake, and then what happens after." Hilary is driving behind a car where the driver gets spooked by a deer in his headlights and plunges off the road down a steep embankment. By the time Hilary staggers down the embankment the elderly man is dead. But it was the satchel on the passenger seat that was the mistake - it contained $500,000. On seeing the contents Hilary throws the satchel into the bushes......

Hilary agonises over the satchel - she is in desperate financial circumstances after a marriage breakdown without financial support, a pending mortgage default and huge school bills to educate her severely autistic child. Eventually she succumbs to temptation and retrieves the satchel. Of course that amount of cash couldn't come from honest sources. Other people want to find the money and they leave violent trail behind them in their search.

I have enjoyed Gross's Ty Hauck series but found this standalone thriller to be pretty ordinary without any great character development. The book read like the author had a number of plot ideas, mixed them up together and they came out the end in a bit of a mangled mess.

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