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10 May 2015

Allison Leotta: A Good Killing

Good story, flawed back-story
I have enjoyed all of Allison Leotta's previous legal thrillers featuring Anna Curtis. I also enjoyed this one where Anna Curtis swaps role from prosecutor to defense attorney to help her sister. However, even for those who have read previous books in the series, some parts were hard to comprehend because of  insufficient information about Anna's failed romance.

After calling off her wedding at the last moment (see below for more) Anna Curtis, an Assistant Attorney General in DC, heads home to answer a desperate call from her sister Jody. The tables are turned when Anna becomes a defence counsel to help her sister who has been arrested for the murder of the local high school sports coach. Anna soon finds that the other side of the fence is more difficult, especially when  she cannot find the truth.

The case slowly develops as Anna finds out that the coach has an unpublished history of sex offenses with teenage girls. Anna's case is made harder because the coach was a local hero and the local community turn against her.

Throughout the book there are references to Anna's former fiancé Jack who keeps saying that he still loves her and wants to resume their relationship. This is hard to believe because there are signs that Jack is now living with another woman. Leotta doesn't tell the reader the reason why Anna walked away. I had to go back to "Speak of the Devil" to remind myself that Jack's wife had come back from being believed dead and had moved back in with Jack and their child. A small amount of clarification of this back-story would have easily given the reader some understanding of what had happened. I read an early Advance Reading Copy in e-book format so I hope that last minute editing fixed up this flaw.

Allison Leotta is an excellent author of legal thrillers and this was a good one, even though my rating was affected by the flawed back-story. I would recommend that you read earlier books in the series before reading this one.

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