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21 April 2015

Steve Martini: The Second Man: A Paul Madriani Novella

Short but with a message
E-novellas are normally written as promos for a forthcoming full length book - this one is no exception. The main difference is that Steve Martini wrote this novella to highlight the issue of the impact of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on returning US military personnel. US Navy SEAL's are highly trained killers who are sworn to secrecy about their sometimes very deadly missions. Adjusting to the peaceful environment of civilian life after being a SEAL is even more difficult and stressful than for most other military personnel.

Paul Madriani is asked for legal help by an ex Navy SEAL who says he is being sought by the authorities for disclosures he may have made about the most famous SEAL raid ever. While Madriani is not prepared to help the SEAL he gets dragged into a deadly game of intrigue when his girl friend joins the SEAL to find out more about a top-secret drone program.

This is a short, somewhat disjointed story about a dangerous man with a dangerous psychological condition.

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