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02 April 2015

Jack Higgins: Rough Justice

The Prime Minister's Rottweiler 
It has been several years since I read a Sean Dillon thriller by Jack Higgins, and it was great to read one again. This time Dillon, ex-IRA enforcer, who is surprisingly now part of a covert group supporting the UK Government, takes a bit of a back seat with the introduction of Major Harry Miller MP who has as similar background of violence to Dillon, but from the other side.

Miller is on a mission for the UK Prime Minister (as his personal Rottweiler) to find out more about Russian influence in Kosovo when he meets Blake Johnston, the US President's head of dark forces. The meeting becomes explosive when Miller shoots the leader of a squad of Russian soldiers who are about to commit an atrocity to the inhabitants of a small village in Kosovo near the Russian border. The incident has international repercussions in London, Washington and Moscow and brings Miller, Dillon and Major Ferguson together to defeat the plans of the secretive "Broker" with connections to Bin Laden, and Putin's Rottweiler General Volkov.

The plot is made more entertaining and different with the introduction of Miller's sister Monica, Lady Starling, a lovely widowed University Don who is immediately attracted to and excited by the dangerous Dillon.

While some of the plot was a bit over the top it did show that Jack Higgins continues to be a master craftsman of page-turning political thrillers full of exciting international suspense, intrigue and action. I hope to catch up with a few more in the series from time to time as I have always enjoyed Jack Higgins writing and am sure that they will keep me well entertained.

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