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27 March 2015

John J Davis: Blood Line (Granger Spy Novel Book 1)

Family Business?
John J Davis has chosen a complex plot for his debut (spy?) novel about the Granger family. Ron and Valerie Granger are living a quiet rural life with their brilliant 16 year old daughter Leecy when their peace is abruptly disturbed one night by a home invasion that attempts to kidnap Leecy.

Ron and Valerie are no normal rural couple working in a small family business - both of them have a history, Ron with the CIA and Valerie with Mossad. They have been waiting for the right opportunity to tell Leecy something about their history when everything unravels. Ron overcomes one of the invaders single-handed and Valerie shoots the other invader in the head with professional accuracy.

The family leaves home on the run, after stopping off to get pre-packed "Go" bags for both parents containing weapons, money and false identities.  Their aim it to to find the mastermind before he finds them.

Leecy is soon asking for answers about what her parents did before she was born which she surprisingly finds exciting. When Ron asks for assistance from his former CIA minder things get very complex and dangerous.

I don't know why Davis called this a spy novel as neither parent was a spy - they were assassins. It is a brave plot for an action-packed debut novel but it didn't absorb my attention as much as it should. There will be more books in the series released soon but my jury is still out on whether I will want to find out more about how this family business develops and prospers.

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