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21 February 2015

Nelson DeMille: The Lion

The Lion stalks its prey
I admit that I am a John Corey fan, firstly because he is a great detective character who does it his way and secondly for the really funny and mostly obnoxious quips that he makes along the way.

Asad Khalil (aka "The Lion"), is a ruthless Libyan terrorist who menaced ex-NYPD cop John Corey and his wife, FBI agent Kate Mayfield, and planned a major US catastrophe in "The Lion's Game".  At the end of that book Khalil told Corey "I just wanted to say good-bye and to remind you that I will be back....I will kill you and kill that whore you are with, if it takes me all of my life.” This time Khalil is back in the US planning to avenge those who killed his entire family in a bombing run over Gaddafi's compound in Libya, and everyone who stopped his plans last time.

Kate and Corey are both with the federal Anti-Terrorist Task Force. To destress they go sky-diving together (Corey reluctantly). This book has a fantastic adrenaline filled description of a sky dive gone wrong - sabotaged by Khalil . The book is worth reading for these scenes alone.

Corey then gets caught up in a chase to find Khalil before he can kill again and carry out another catastrophic attack. The chase is a very personal one with both Khalil and Corey tracking one another, but the Lion seems to have the upper hand most of the time.

I really enjoyed this page-turning and exciting John Corey adventure. Corey still had plenty of obnoxious quips, mainly pretty racial ones about Khalil involving camels and towel-heads, and about Khalil's mothers affair with Gaddafi. IMO they weren't up to the standard of those in previous and later books in the series.

This was a revisit as I had read this book when it was published a few years ago. It didn't disappoint.

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