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15 January 2015

Ward Larsen: Assassin's Games

The Reluctant Assassin
David Slaton, Kidon (Assassin) with Mossad no longer exists, At the end of THE PERFECT ASSASSIN, with the assistance of his former Director, David quietly exited his job to recover from multiple gunshots. After his recovery he is now living a happy peaceful life in Virginia under another identity with his wife Dr. Christine Palmer who had helped his pursuit of Mossad double-agents involved in hijacking a couple of nuclear weapons.

Despite his dreams of a normal life, a Kidon can never expect to retire completely. Recently Mossad has unsuccessfully tried several times to assassinate Iranian nuclear scientist, Dr. Ibrahim Hamedi who is key to Iran's development of a nuclear weapon. All attempts have been thwarted by an unknown spy in Mossad's ranks. The new Director believes only way to be successful is to use someone who doesn't exist - and Hamedi will be vulnerable when he goes to Geneva for a UN conference on Iran's nuclear plans.

David has vowed to never kill again, but when his wife is attending a medical conference in Stockholm is attacked and forced to flee or her life, he immediately springs back into action. He is faced with a dilemma - go to Geneva and kill Hamedi or lose his new life forever. Christine's words echo in his brain "If you kill this man in Geneva .... don't ever come back to me".

This is a tightly-plotted adrenaline-pumping contemporary espionage thriller with a special emotional edge. Well done Ward Larsen - you have written a sequel that is as good as the original (I went back and read it again and was just as impressed). This was one of the first books I read in 2015 and it is already on my short-list of top reads for the year.

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