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01 January 2015

Melissa F Miller: Irrefutable Evidence

Another interesting adventure for Sasha McCandless
This book runs almost the full gamut of things that we expect in a Sasha McCandless legal thriller. She gets dragged into unexpected trouble through her legal work, and finishes up relying on her Krav Maga skills to protect herself.

Sasha's husband Leo Connelly calls Sasha a "trouble magnet" and is overjoyed that no one has tried to kill them for seven months. Just as he is planning a romantic one-year wedding anniversary holiday in Fiji over Christmas, trouble strikes again as Sasha discovers a link to a huge arson-for-money fire insurance scam. The link is very important because the scam is master-minded by an important Mafia leader that the US Attorney has wanted to catch for years. It is especially dangerous to FBI agent Nino Carlucci, successfully under cover as driver for Peaches from the powerful Manetto crime family.

This is another easy reading, and mostly satisfying tale in the exciting lives of Sasha and Leo which probably ended a bit to soon for me. It is a quick read and some may even finish it in one session. The finale was one I had expected for some time which will add another dimension in the future to Sasha's already very complex life.

PS I still don't understand what Leo Connelly really does now that he has left the Federal Marshall service.

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