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05 January 2015

Chris Carter: The Hunter

Short introduction to The Hunter
This is a very short introduction Chris Carter's main character Robert Hunter, who features in several of his very gritty thrillers. This time we meet Hunter on his first day when he is the youngest Homicide Detective the Los Angeles Police. He is not welcomed and is given a rookie task - what is thought to be a simple and boring suicide investigation which will keep him tied up in paperwork for days.

With his high IQ and methodical approach Hunter soon shows that he is not your normal rookie when he quickly finds that something doesn't look right, and the more he investigates the more suspicious the death seems. His superiors and his peers soon find that Hunter is not your normal rookie.

This is a pretty short e-novella designed to introduce a character and and contains promo chapters for a couple of Hunter's later cases. I normally avoid reading promo novellas but did so because I wanted to find out something more about Hunter who I had already met in Carter's superb but extremely gritty AN EVIL MIND. It really didn't tell me much other than highlight Carter's writing skills, but after reading his latest book I will certainly be putting some of the Hunter series onto my bookshelf for the rest of the year.

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