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25 September 2014

Melissa F Miller: Irrevocable Trust (Sasha McCandless Legal Thriller Book 6)

Another easy-reading Sasha McCandless legal thriller
I have read several of the Sasha McCandless legal thrillers by Melissa F Miller and have found them easy-reading, and well written. I enjoyed them despite some unbelievable plots.

Sasha McCandless and Leo Connelly have just started to settle down to everyday life after their exciting wedding (see A MARRIAGE OF TWO MINDS) where prison escapee Jeffrey Bricker hired two thugs to kill her on her wedding day to revenge her recent success stopping him releasing a killer flu that would have brought the US to its knees. 

Bricker is still on the run and a danger to Sasha and his wife and six children who have made a new life under the witness protection system. The threat becomes greater when his wife Allison is murdered and Bricker is the prime suspect. Allison leaves Sasha an Irrevocable Trust that gives her a responsibility in the future lives of her children and puts all of them in increased danger from Bricker.

What follows is an exciting and nail-biting game of cat and mouse between Bricker, Sasha, Leo and fellow agent Hank about the future of Bricker's family. Leo has always called Sasha "A trouble magnet" and this time the magnet affects the life of six orphaned children.

While this couldn't be classified as literary fiction, it is a good exciting page-turning read from a talented Indie author who is quickly making a name for herself in the field of US legal thrillers.There is an interesting twist in the tale that might have a huge impact on Sasha and Leo's future lives.

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