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22 September 2014

Robyn Carr: Virgin River (A Virgin River Novel Book 1)

Delightful emotional and uplifting story
From time to time I need to have a break from my normal diet of thrillers and settle down with a light romance. VIRGIN RIVER was a delightful and satisfying break because it mixed an unusual romance with strong emotional impact set against very small-town USA.

Mel Monroe is a nurse practitioner and midwife, happily married to a brilliant doctor and working together at a top LA hospital. Her life in ER is traumatic, dealing with gunshot wounds, stabbings, druggies and vagrants every day. Her life becomes more traumatic when her husband is shot during an armed holdup of a local 7/11

Mel comes to Virgin River to escape from the trauma, a very small town in the the beautiful forest covered hinterland in northern California. She arrives on a stormy night to find nothing is as she expects, the cabin promised to her is almost falling down, and the grumpy old town doctor doesn't want her help.

Jack Sheridan also escaped to Virgin River after years of trauma in the Army. He runs the local bar/restaurant and is drawn to Mel, despite her continuing grief for her murdered husband. Mel immediately decides to leave but finds she can't leave yet when she discovers a new-born baby on the doorstep.

This is an interesting tale which explores the dynamics of very small-town USA and the relationship between two fascinating traumatically bruised characters. Robyn Carr has written a delightful first book in what has become a very popular series.

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