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13 September 2014

Fiona Palmer: The Sunnyvale Gilrs

A journey across the years
There are three Sunnyvale "girls". Maggie, the grandmother who grew up on the property during the war, Toni her daughter and her granddaughter Flick. Years ago they all moved from the old house, built by a couple of Italian prisoners of war, to a larger house built by their late grandfather.

One day Toni is clearing out and renovating the old house when she finds a box of old unopened letters under a loose board. They are all addressed to her mother, sent from Italy and have never been opened - Maggie's mother had kept them from her. The first letter starts "Bella Maggie" and ends "I made a promise. I will come back to Australia so we can be together. Ti amo, Rocco".

This was an easy read as the family starts to unravel what happened and Toni and Flick go to Italy seeking answers which will have an impact on the lives of all of the Sunnyvale girls and Maggie in particular.

This review was posted by MonicaD. Thanks to The Reading Room and the publisher for a copy of this book.

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