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27 August 2014

Glenn Meade:The Last Witness

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If you don't stand up to evil then evil will stand up to you
This is a very chilling story set around a recent era that we should never forget - the brutal ethnic cleansing during the Balkans' civil wars of the early 1990's which involved butchery not seen on a scale since the Jewish holocaust by the Nazi's.

Carla Lane's happy marriage to Jan, a up-and-coming concert pianist, is about to be made happier when her pregnancy is confirmed. But it is cut short on the same day when a pipe bomb explodes when Jan gets into his car after a concert. Traumatised by his death Carla talks to the psychiatrist who treated her as a young girl when she arrived from Bosnia following the death of her parents. She finds that she has almost totally repressed not only the memories of her happy times with her family but also their terrible experiences in one of the Serbian rape and death camps. After reading her Mother's diary which documents their plight in detail, her memories return and she vows to find the fate of her parents and her beloved younger brother and take revenge for what happened.

Her trauma gets worse when she realises that Jan may have been killed by the Bosnian mafia and that the war criminals responsible for her family's suffering are now living the high life in America. Her earlier life as a lawyer and prosecutor cuts in and she sets out to get justice the men who were responsible for such brutality. It soon becomes clear that she may be the only witness to the depravity handed out at the prison camp at "Devil's Hill" in Bosnia.

This is a memorable book, for all the wrong reasons, written by an author at the top of his form. In the Prologue Chapter Glenn Meade lays out the basic theme of the book "Listen when I tell you that if you don't stand up to evil, then evil will stand up to you" and ""Because if the world never learns from the lessons of its history, then it is condemned forever to repeat the sins of the past". These words are especially prophetic with the barbarity that is happening in the Middle East.

Highly recommended for discerning readers who can stand to be reminded of one of the darkest times in recent human history.

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