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25 August 2014

Debbie Macomber: On a Clear Day

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Two enjoyable books I had missed
This is really two oldies by Debbie Macomber - STARLIGHT and PROMISE ME FOREVER - which have been reworked and published as a single book. Both are short and easy-reading romances in Macomber's inimitable style.

STARLIGHT is about Rand Prescott who has a chip on his shoulder because he is blind and doesn't want to enter into a relationship because he doesn't want to be a burden to anyone. Karen McAlister is suffering in a different way because her father constantly talks about her getting married. When Rand and Karen meet they are immediately attracted to on another but Rand doesn't want to share the burden of his blindness with her.

PROMISE ME FOREVER  is about Joy Nielsen, a physiotherapist who is looking after Sloan Whittaker confined to a wheelchair with a spinal injury after a serious accident. Sloane seems to have lost the will to try to walk again and has given up on his family, friends and business.  Joy is determined to get him walking but that means she has to help him to start caring about his life again.

In the past I have been suspicious of books that recycle an author's earlier books that are out of print. I really enjoyed both stories as they are certainly a couple of Macomber's early books that I am glad to have the opportunity to read now.

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