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21 June 2014

Sandra Brown: Exclusive

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For light relief I have read a few books by Sandra Brown and the results have been patchy - a few were pretty readable but most have been pretty ordinary. This e-book is a reissue of a 1996 publication and is not one of her best because the plot is so over-the-top.

Barrie Travis is an ambitious TV reporter at a B grade network working hard to make a break. One day the First Lady calls her to arrange a personal chat which hinges on the recent death of her young baby from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and hints that the baby may have been murdered. This starts Barrie on a one-woman crusade to find the truth.

On the way Barrie encounters Gray Bondurant, a former presidential aide. After a passionate first encounter both Barrie and Gray are up against the President's current unscrupulous aide and his henchmen, and even the President himself. The plotline is ludicrous with the President trying to destroy not only his manic-depressive wife but anyone else in his way. On the sidelines is the father of the First Lady, a powerful senior Senator who is as shady and corrupt as the President.

An Editorial Review sums it up beautifully - "a dead infant, a sleazy president, a manic-depressive first lady, an aide that makes G. Gordon Liddy look like a wuss, murder, adultery, a thousand skeletons peeping from a thousand closets". No wonder I thought the plotline borders on the ludicrous.

Sandra Brown is a prolific author of 77 romantic and thriller suspense novels who writes to please her wide audience. Sometimes she meets her target with me, but not this time.

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