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02 June 2014

Deanna Raybourn: Twelfth Night

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"Remember me" and "Repositioning" Novella
It is clear the Deanna Raybourn has written this short novella as a "remember me" story so that her many fans won't forget her Lady Julia series after a bit of a gap when she was writing a different style of books with the memorable "A Spear of Summer Grass" and the less memorable "City of Jasmine".

This novella is also a brief interlude about the early days of marriage between Julia and Brisbane which cleverly covers a "repositioning" story about their future  life together, both personally and professionally. Of course there is a mystery to be solved and it is one that will affect their personal lives for a long time.

It was an easy reading but minor story about Julia and Brisbane that undoubtedly will whet their fans' appetite for more adventures.

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