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04 May 2014

Russell Blake: Jet - Ops Files

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How Jet became "the most kick-ass female protagonist in fiction"
Russell Blake is a talented Indie author who has written many thrillers, some of them, notably the Jet series, being unapologetically over the top. Russell is now up to Jet#7 (June 2014 release) about Maya, (aka Jet) an ex Mossad female protagonist who attracts danger and adrenaline filled action wherever she goes.

Russell wrote a very helpful prequel to his successful Assassin series detailing the early days of the Assassin while the rest of the series was underway. Under pressure from his readers, he also felt a need to write a prequel to explain how Jet became such a lethal weapon. He tells us that he put it off as he didn't know how to do this but eventually did so because "you never know until you write it".

Jet - Ops Files takes Maya from being a young woman serving her mandatory military service in Israel to becoming one of Mossad's key field agents. At the beginning Maya attracts the attention of Mossad when almost single handed she tracks down a group of Palestinian terrorists who gunned down another female soldier at a checkpoint on the West Bank. After intensive training Maya shows her real colours in a couple of Mossad operations, especially being able to operate successfully and very lethally on her own against overwhelming odds.

What I like about Russell Blake is that he states up front that some of his books are action-packed escapism without a reality check so I leave my believability barometer behind when I read them. Did he succeed in writing a meaningful prequel? The answer is clear from the positive reaction of his many dedicated followers who lap up everything that he writes.

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