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01 May 2014

Nora Roberts: The Pride of Jared MacKade (The MacKade Brothers)

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The Nora Roberts' formula #2
This is #2 in Nora Roberts' quadrilogy about the romantic lives of the 4 MacKade Brothers which I am reading as an interlude from my normal diet of heavy thrillers. In my review of #1 featuring Rafe MacKade I reflected on Nora Roberts' successful but somewhat repetitive plot formula of immediate physical attraction between the main characters but only a slow realisation that the attraction is more than physical.

With Rafe safely married off to Regan and a fully accepted member of the MacKade clan, Roberts turns her attention to Jared, the brother who became the town lawyer. The "strong beautiful female" in the formula this time is Savannah Morningstar - "She was tall - a curvy five-ten ... filling out a drab yellow T-shirt and ripped jeans to the absolute limit of the law. Her leg were endless." Sounds a good start to the formula.

Savannah is not your normal Roberts' female lead. She has part American Indian heritage and a difficult history because she left home at sixteen to become a single mother to Bryan. Savannah has battled for years for her independence and is unwilling to give it up - of course until Jared comes along - but then this seems impossible with a child of her own to bring up.

Did I enjoy revisiting the Nora Roberts' formula again? Yes and No - it wasn't as good as #1 in the series. As usual it had the sparkle of an author at the top of her game and was a little different because of Savannah's background. What remains in my memory is the strength of the MacKade family ties and how they pull together and accept the brothers partners and wives into the family.  The next book in the series about Devin, the local Sheriff, may be a bit predictable as we already know from the first book that he has eyes for Cassie Dolan, whose husband is in prison for wife abuse.

Will I read the other books in this series? Probably because I am still intrigued to see how the formula pans out and because reading this book did give me the interlude I needed.

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