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04 May 2014

Lynda La Plante: Wrongful Death

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FBI at the Met
After a long running series, such as the DCI Anna Travis series, authors look to something different to liven things up. This time Lynda La Plante has added a new dimension, an FBI officer working with the Met Homicide Command and Met officers working and training with the FBI. Does it work?

Senior FBI Agent Jessie Dewar is seconded to DCI Anna Travis's team investigating a cold case of a suicide that may be a murder. Jessie is brash and insensitive with little field experience and ends up ruffling a few feathers in the team. Strangely Anna doesn't keep her under control, probably because Jessie seems to be a bit of a protege of Anna's mentor DCS Langton and Anna doesn't want to spoil her chances of going to the FBI Academy in Virginia for special training.

As the case develops Anna becomes more convinced that it is a murder. While she would like to see the case through she reluctantly goes off to the prized FBI course. There she finds herself working on a cold case in Washington with the FBI but at the same time gets access to some vital evidence about her own case.

The book was easy reading and the finale was a bit page turning. Did the FBI element work? Partially because it pads out and adds a couple of dimensions to what would otherwise be a pretty ordinary police procedural. On the other hand the whole thing is a bit unbelievable with Jessie and Anna taking key roles in each other's organisations.

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