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08 May 2014

James Lee Burke: A Dust Bowl Tale of Bonnie and Clyde: A Short Story

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A new perspective on Bonnie and Clyde
This short story is a great e-book introduction to the remarkable atmospheric and almost poetic prose of James Lee Burke and to his forthcoming book "Wayfaring Strangers".

Weldon Holland grew up in Texas during the Depression and this is his first brush with good and evil which he would never forget. Weldon's early life was changed forever when infamous criminals Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow and associates drove onto his Grandfather's property. He was immediately captured by Bonnie's beauty, an impression that never left him, but things changed when they came back the next day after a bank robbery went bad. After one of them spat on his Grandfather, as they drove away Weldon fired a shot through the car's back window. This first dramatic encounter with good and evil never left him.

This short story gave me a far better perspective of Bonnie and Clyde in a few pages than the whole of the famous movie. It is the first chapter of "Wayfaring Stranger", a very different novel by master storyteller James Lee Burke, which will be released  in mid July 2014. I have been fortunate through Net Galley and the publisher to be able read an advanced copy of that book which follows Weldon's live through the horrors of WWII and the death camps and when he returned home to try to make his fortune. All through his life Weldon has to face up to the consequences good and evil. I highly recommend that book to discerning readers.

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