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15 May 2014

J D Robb: Immortal in Death

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Eve's Dangerous Wedding Planning
Once again I took a light relief interlude with #3 in this unusual homicide detective/romance series set 50 years in the future when interplanetary travel is common, there are robots a plenty but there is still lots of crime. Lieutenant Eve Dallas is a homicide detective who is now surprisingly engaged to the Roarke, a handsome rogue who is the richest man on the planet.

It is hard for Eve to concentrate on her wedding plans when so many bodies turn up with severe head wounds, including police informers and a beautiful top model Pandora. It is even harder when her best friend Mavis is found unconscious at the scene of Pandora's murder with the victim's blood all over her and Eve has to charge Mavis with murder. It is even harder when the murder takes place at the home of Leonardo, who is designing Eve's wedding dress and just happens to be Mavis's lover.

These complicated cases start to connect via a link to a new powerful illegal and very dangerous drug, Immortality, that increases sex drive, and promotes youth. Eve has to reluctantly allow partnership with Jake Casto from the Drug Squad in the investigation. Robb also introduces us to Delia Peabody, a very efficient policewoman who no doubt will feature again in later books.

This series has always had a little fantasy to make it different and give it a little spice but this time the fantasy takes over a bit too much. I spotted the murderer half way through the book while Eve was so involved in clearing Mavis's name and, every now and then, allowing herself to be involved in the wedding planning. Of course Roarke is always there to support and love her.

You need to read the book to find out how all of this affected the wedding plans. It was a pleasant but not really memorable interlude.

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