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07 April 2014

Melissa F Miller: Critical Vulnerability: (A Sasha McCandless Companion Novel)

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Another gutsy heroine from Melissa Miller
This is another entertaining page-turning legal thriller from Melissa F Miller, featuring a new gutsy legal "heroine" Aroostine Higgins. While the title says that it is a Sasha McCandless companion novel, it is clear that Miller is testing the water for an Aroostine Higgins series.

Aroostine is a junior Assistant US Attorney working in the Department of Justice's Criminal Division in Washington. She has moved from being a small town attorney to Washington and left behind her husband Joe who is not comfortable in big cities. She has been given an important case prosecuting two men accused of attempting to bribe a foreign government official when everything starts to go wrong.

While Sasha has fearsome martial arts skills to protect her, Aroostine has the tracking skills she learned from her Native American grandfather. She can commune with nature and understand what is happening around her. She needs all of her skills when the major case she is working on goes very wrong when all of her work and judicial submissions are wiped from the legal network. Then to make her life worse she gets an unexpected delivery - divorce papers from Joe.

The case is bigger than anyone imagines as international gangsters get involved in trying to penetrate the many automated network systems of major businesses and government by putting pressure on the software expert who developed the systems to delete court files to kill the case by kidnapping his mother. Aroostine gets involved in a race against time to foil the kidnapper and win the case. Then the kidnapping also becomes very personal for Aroostine.

Melissa Miller shows us once again that she is at the top of the class of Indie authors of legal thrillers. Her books are entertaining, easy reading and page-turning legal thrillers featuring interesting female leads facing up to and winning in virtually impossible situations. She has built up a fan following who will lap up this new book and they will be pleased that she is already working on the next book in the Aroostine Higgins series, "Chilling Effect" for release in the US Fall. Before that she will release another in the Sasha McCandless series "Irrevocable Trust" in the US Summer.

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