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02 March 2014

J D Robb: Glory in Death

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An entertaining read
"Glory in Death" by J D Robb (aka Nora Roberts) is the second in  the Eve Dallas mystery series which is a combination of a police crime/thriller with a touch of romance to give it a bit of spice set in a futuristic setting.  From time to time I need an interlude from my normal dose of heavy thrillers and literary fiction and as long as I take the futuristic setting as part of the scenery then I am enjoying the series so far. But there is a long way to go because #38 in the series was released last month.

Lt. Eve Dallas is a very tough, competent and independent homicide detective who fights to find all kinds of killers. Her independence is being tested with her unusual but increasingly emotional and passionate relationship with charming Irish multi-millionaire, Roarke, whose successful business dealings sometimes seem to verge on being shady.

Prosecuting Attorney Cicely Towers, a well respected, powerful, well known and talented lawyer, is found dead with her throat slashed. What is surprising is that the murder is in a sleazy part of town and Towers has turned off all tracking devices prior to her meeting with the killer. Even though she is not senior, her Captain makes her as primary to work the case because he and his wife had a close relationship with the deceased. The case is adrenaline to the media which goes into overdrive when a beautiful, TV actress is found with her throat cut on the rear patio of her apartment building. It is clear to everyone that it is the same killer and Eve believes that she is in a race against time to find the killer an prevent another killing.

While Roarke knows both victims he has the perfect alibi, he was in bed with Eve at the time of the murder. Because there are few clues, after a profiling session with the police psychologist, Eve goes to a trusted media personality and gives an interview that sets herself up as a target for the killer.

Once again Roarke's contacts help Eve with the case which brings them closer together despite her discomfort at living a life of luxury not suited to a dedicated cop. The episode when Roarke flies an exhausted Eve to his incredible mansion on the cliffs in Mexico is a bit of magic.

I am not quite sure if I really understand or appreciate the futuristic setting with robots, auto-chefs and fast air and interplanetary travel. Basically these are most enjoyable detective novels with a bit of romantic spice which really don't need the futuristic distractions. I will keep reading the next in the series as this one gave me the interlude I needed.

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