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01 February 2014

Peter Corris: Silent Kill

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Looking forward to reading more Cliff Hardy adventures
I am an Aussie reviewer with a penchant for thrillers and I must confess that I have never read any books by Peter Corris "The Godfather of Australian crime fiction" featuring private investigator Cliff Hardy. After this interesting introduction to Hardy's fascinating character I have a big task ahead of me as Corris has written 39 books in the series over the last 30 years.

Cliff Hardy is happy to get some new business when he is asked to join a country-wide tour by political firebrand and whistleblower Rory O'Hara, who is just leaving hospital after recovering from serious injuries from a deliberate hit-and-run accident. O'Hara has collected a number of enemies from his activities and Hardy's job is to find out if any of O'Hara's entourage of personal, PR, IT and medical support hangers-on have any connection with the accident. As is usual (I am told) in Hardy's adventures there are a couple of attractive females around to spice up the action.

The tour has only been going a couple of days when Hardy's job implodes when the tour ends in disaster when one of the entourage kills O'Hara's nurse and disappears. That could have been the end of the job but the nurse's wealthy brother hires Cliff to find the killer. This takes him on a search around Australia, including Darwin and Canberra to track down the killer and gets him involved with the outer reaches of the intelligence community. His search is aided by an interesting "alliance" with beautiful Penelope Marinos, O'Hara's former PA.

While others have said that this was not one of the most notable of Hardy's adventures, I loved the character and found the book was well written and easy reading with just enough action to keep my attention. I have been looking for this kind of series to read from time-to-time as interludes from more serious fiction, so I am looking for advice about which of many books in the series I should read next.

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