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11 January 2014

Vince Flynn: Term Limits

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Vince Flynn's First Book
"Term Limits" is the first book published by the late Vince Flynn and shows all the page-turning, adrenaline-packed writing that made him so famous with his Mitch Rapp series. While Rapp is not in this book, many of the characters in later books are there, including Thomas Stansfield, then head of the CIA, and his chief analyst Irene Kennedy, and Scott Coleman, ex Navy SEAL.

The background to the plot is almost contemporary. The President and Congress cannot agree on a budget and a debt ceiling. The Budget is packed with funding designed to buy the votes of individual members of Congress and the White House is manipulating the budget to get it passed. "The country is going bankrupt, both morally and financially. We need some drastic changes or the most powerful country in the world is going to go the way of Rome". Sounds familiar, doesn't it? The main difference is that, with a small number of carefully planned and targeted assassinations of corrupt leading politicians, a group of angry ex-military try to force The President and Congress to make major changes - or they will target the President. The demonstration of how they might target the President is Vince Flynn action-writing at its best.

Combine all of this with an egotistical Chief of Staff, a retired and dangerous ex-CIA covert ops killer and an ambitious and unscrupulous National Security Advisor and you have a very explosive situation.

There are few laugh-out-loud situations in the White House so reminiscent of Mitch Rapp where FBI and CIA staff are able to face up to the President's helpers and make them look stupid. The action scenes are meticulously planned and detailed and most of the plot is plausible.

I understand that Vince Flynn had to self-publish this book before it was picked up and promoted by a publisher when it immediately became a NY Times bestseller for several weeks. While there are signs of a debut novel, the writing is good enough to stand the test of time as an exciting first book of a popular author who would set the standard for so many other books in the politico/CIA/assassin genre.

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