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19 January 2014

Jaye Ford: Blood Secret

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Great psychological suspense thriller
Jaye Ford has written a very clever and riveting psychological suspense thriller that keeps you enthralled and guessing almost to the very end.

Rennie Carter and Max Tully have been living together as partners in a small town on the shores of Lake Macquarie for the last 4 years. When they are dressing to go to a friend's 50th birthday party things get steamy and serious between them. With a tense atmosphere in the car, the tension increases when a teenage driver tailgates them in a fit of road rage. Rennie is relieved when they get to the party as she feared that the other driver could attack or even run down Max.

Rennie helps out in the kitchen and doesn't catch up with Max much during the party. When she is ready to go home Max cannot be found and nobody saw him leave. After a long search Max is still not found and after finding blood in the car park Rennie reluctantly reports him missing to the police. Rumours abound as Max has been known to go away suddenly before. She also hears that Max and his business partner and cousin, James have had a huge row over the finances of their business.

Things are more complicated because Rennie is on the run from her vicious and ruthless father who had tried to kill her. She has never told Max the full story of her terrible early life. Max is still recovering from being buried alive in a mine disaster where his best friend was killed.

Jaye Ford  builds up the tension by presenting a range of people who might be responsible for Max's disappearance - Rennie's father, the road rager, the cousin or even the local Serbian cafe owner. In the middle of everything and to make things more difficult, Max's son Heydon from his failed marriage arrives unannounced in a cloud of teenage angst at the world and at Rennie in particular.

Ford is a very clever writer who keeps you guessing almost to the end. Can Rennie face the loss of Max and can she find him before it is too late. What will happen to the new life she was building when Max knows her history.

This is a great psychological thriller by a world class writer that could easily be set in any other small community elsewhere in the world . It was a great read and is highly recommended to those who like this kind of thriller.

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