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15 December 2013

Jack Higgins: A Season in Hell

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Another great Jack Higgins Adventure
Jack Higgins can always be relied upon for an exciting page-turning easy-reading adventure story. This book certainly meets those expectations.

Sarah Talbot is a top Wall Street operator with connections to the US President. When she is at the top of her career she is devastated that her son has been murdered in Paris. Sean Egan is a former SAS and UK intelligence operative. He is similarly devastated when his sister is murdered, also in Paris. What brings them together in grief and revenge is the fact that both bodies were used to to smuggle heroin into the UK.

Sean and Sarah will stop at nothing to avenge the deaths that have one other common factor - the victims were drugged before death with a chemical that takes away their ability to understand what is happening. This chemical has only been seen elsewhere in assassinations in Northern Ireland. Their search for the drug mastermind takes them through London, Paris, Sicily, and Ireland as they uncover organised crime gangs that may be responsible. All the time they are tracked and sometimes assisted by a brutal operator working for the mastermind, known only as "Mr Smith". The most surprising thing is that they are assisted by a top Mafia boss who has never been involved with drugs and has a vendetta with another Mafia family who are at the top of the drug trade.

This was not as good as Higgins classic "The Eagle has Landed" and the "Night of the Fox" but was still a pretty good read, albeit a bit dated.

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