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28 December 2013

David Rollins: Standoff

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Vin Cooper takes on the Cartels
OSI Special Agent Vin Cooper had been chasing an AWOL airman when he discovers that he has been killed in a massacre at a small private airport near El Paso, Texas. A couple of unknown planes visit the airfield unannounced and a squad of heavies massacre a family headed for a trip to Disneyland and anyone else in the way. Authorities at the scene miss that a ton of drugs has been stashed in a container on the airfield  - but Cooper doesn't and gets involved in a gunfight with corrupt police.

Soon Vin finds himself on the run from the police who have framed him for murders he didn't commit. This just happens to be the perfect cover for his most dangerous mission yet – crossing the border and infiltrating a drug cartel and finding out the reason for the massacre. This gets him involved with the leader of a major drug cartel just across the Mexican border in Juarez - the big question is whether they believe him. If not he cartel leader's main bodyguard promises Vin a very painful death.

While Cooper can work in a team he believes that he can achieve more when he acts alone as "Lone Ranger with no Tonto". This time is no exception when Cooper tries to do the unbelievable - infiltrate and destroy a Mexican cartel single-handed and stop another even larger massacre.

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